Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Rasuk and BTS cake..

It hits me last night that our malay movie just cannot go (bunyi kelate sikit).. I watched a so called horror movie Rasuk hoping that it's as good as or rather as seram as Ju On or at least as Khurafat but to my total disappointment it was like watching  homemade youtube video. Paling menyampah ada doktor asik ketawa terbahak2 sepanjang masa said it's good to release tension... Turns out that the doctor was sexual maniac... He raped his patient in his clinic. That was so unnecessary and mencacatkan lagi cerita yg dah terlampau cacat tu. Sorryla tuan director..Next time don't make malay horror movie if you are not equipped with the correct info from the correct person.

But the day was not ended with sour note... I make a cake supposedly better that anything in this world...they name it as better than sex cake...I call it BTS cake..(but sorry to say that my --- is so much better than this cake hahaha). Found it on momwhothink.com. This is how it looks like..

Top view

Cross view

I have to show the cake diagram like this so that you know what's inside my BTS cake. Sure it's yummy, moist and as usual, very easy. I used only a premix butter cake, instant pudding. Pejam mata pun boleh..hihi.  Sorry for the cakar ayam drawing..i'm not a trained artist. My ultimate aim is to make V8 cake.. an 8 layer cake..fuhh..(but mind you it's not like sarawak layer cake) . Till then...bye..

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