Sunday, 4 November 2012

Newly spirited me!

I don't know when did i start engulfing myself with novels recently. i can't stop reading shopaholic series by sophie kinsella..i'm so addicted, despite being busy with my cases, designing and renovating my new house. not to mention my kids varicella plague or chicken pox for easy understanding. i can still find time to's embarrassing to admit that sometimes when nature calls, i bring the book inside the loo.

Shopaholic like me?

So far, i've read confessions of a shopaholic, shopaholic takes manhattan, shopaholic ties the knot, shopaholic & sister, shopaholic & baby, mini shopaholic. These are rebecca bloomwood (becky) series. Another one is Can you keep a secret with emma corrigan as heroine. I love love love these books. i like becky because she's such a  kindhearted, lively girl, a girl next door who like to shop and always fall into big mess mainly because she doesn't want to hurt her parent's feeling, her friend's or her husband's (Luke Brandon). I think readers feel so close to becky. she's so real with her daily issues like fashion, handbag, clothes, groceries, baby shopping so on and so forth. Huh! So lame huh!

Now, with newly resolved spirit, i feel that i need to do tilawatul Quran read the translation that i won't forget about the purpose of that i'll always be reminded that life isn't only about handbags, clothes, shoes and so on and so forth..(sounds like shopaholic coming back from shopaholic boot camp haha)


That was the last time i drafted something to share with u guys. And sadly the draft was left in my saved draft since april waited to be posted by me. And finally, today, on the eve of 4/11/2012, suddenly i remembered that i actually own a blog. I'm a blogger! Muhahahahaa....thanks to eisya who  showed me how she'd made some money making unique bracelets for sale together with her friends. They have their own blog! Buat duit lagi! Tak boleh jadi ni!

So, with a renewed spirit, i think you all will see a lot of me posting here. And for a start i'll make a list of topics to be posted in the near future:-
1. Proven pineapple upside down cake
2. My new home
3. Compilation of family photos
3. Arts with eisya
4. Gold time
5. So on and so forth....

Till then, Nighty nite! Muah

Monday, 16 April 2012

Malaysia-Singapore-Tanjung Batu, Indonesia

Salam and good day to all. A week after chinese new year, i had a very truly adventurous journey to Indonesia, attending a wedding party at one of thousands Indonesian island called Tanjung Batu, Kepulauan Karimun. There are few ways to get there. Either we fly straight to Batam then continue with ferry to Tanjung Batu or drive to Kukup Pontian and take ferry to Tjg Batu or by train from KL to Singapore and 2 more ferries. After long considerable thought, the Captain (my husband) chose to board Senandung Malam train from KL Sentral to Woodlands, Singapore. And from there we took  Pelangi Ferry to Tanjung Balai. And then took another small ferry or boat called SB Sun Rico to Tanjung Batu Jetty. Of course, along the way we had many interesting, intriguing and sad moments to share with you all. 


We started with 5 when we board the train but lost one when the train reach Seremban. It was a rather sad story to share here because my husband's uncle (closest one) did not make it to Woodlands. He passed away on the train... while sleeping. My husband stayed with his late uncle's body waiting for his children to pick him up at Seremban railway station. Well, he had to continue with the journey because his mom, auntie and beloved wife is on the train with all the biggest baggage enough for 1 month vacation. Luckily he got a taxi to catch up with us and it surprised us because our train reached JB ahead of him and the taxi only arrive 10 minutes later. It was not because the train was the supersonic one but it was my husband's ride that was far too slow for a car without busy traffic on a highway. My husband had to practically put a stick to his eyelid to make sure that he's awake to accompany the taxi driver who's driving 80km/hour.


And when we arrived at Woodlands, Singapore (as if my husband had not enough drama in his pocket already) he was fined SD38 for bringing in 5 packs of cigarette. Well he told me that cigarette in Indonesia has different taste (is it?). That's why he brought some with him. But for your info, he paid because again he could not let us wait for another hour for the customs officer to sign his 1st time offender release letter. To anyone who knows my mom in law, please don't tell her that it costs him SD38...Please eh. That story reminds me of one slogan - "Singapore! What A FINE Country".

This is nasi padang stall nearby the Jetty. Reasonable price but don't convert to RM ok!

We were waiting for our 1st ferry and we saw Virgo Star Cruise parking nearby. 

This is the interior of the ferry. 6 in a row. Our travelling group has increased to 10 pax now with my mom in law's cousin from Singapore. Look at me, smiling because I had already taken an anti-vomit pill just in case i could not take it.

Nice glassy and metal building alongside the jetty.

Ha-di-ha! This is our 2nd ferry from Tanjung Balai to Tanjung Batu. 3 person per seat for 2. 

First Nasi Padang restaurant opposite our motel. Wow! i thought we can eat for a cheaper price compared to here in Malaysia. The taste pretty much the same with our nasi padang..

There we are having Nasi Padang with all sorts of lauk.. 

Oops i just called it a motel.. Well it is a motel by standard. It looks glossy on the outside but fuhh! not so plushy on the inside.

We went to the wedding party where the akad nikah (solemnization of marriage) took place. This is the pelamin, so vibrant in color. It almost hurt my eyes hihi.  

The bridegroom in red is mentally stressed out I think. He got to give a reply to so many pantun thrown by the bride's uncle. 

This is me trying "Mee Lendir". We call it Mee Jawa  over here. Hmm I prefer normal mee jawa.. Well actually we were so hungry that we couldn't wait for dinner at the wedding party. It was already 10pm at that time and dinner was not being served yet. What to do?

This is the outside view of wet and dry market. I got new tudung for me and my girls. Pretty cheap. 

Ha! This is interesting one. You see all the chairs lined up under the ruffled tent. That was for the guest to sit while having their meal. No table ok. But when I think about it, actually it was a smart way to make sure all the guest will have a seat. You don't have any idea how crowded this place were at noon. They have to queue about 20 meters to get their meal.

That was me smiling to the camera because too excited to try Indonesian food..hehe. Well, we had boiled egg with chilli sauce, chicken and vege clear soup, pineapple pajeri, tempe and prawn dry sambal, chicken kurma (i think) and some keropok. Plus packed mineral water.

Me and my mom in law's cousin from Singapore. Went to her apartment worth SD350k. Nice one but here we can get a semi-D with that kind of money.

Silat show to entertain the king of the day

They are exchanging pantun. The bride's aunt is asking for toll money from the bridegroom. He must give it to her otherwise he cannot sit with his newly wedded wife.

Another pantun..fuhh!

Cultural Dance show
The MC is the senator from Batam who happen to be the bride's uncle. We witnessed how talented this family are..everyone in the family actually can sing. OMG I'm the worst singer you can find. Karaoke surely not my kind of thing.

This is the queue i mentioned earlier. Quite systematic right.

Homemade ice cream. Nice with coconut flavour. 

Look at the house model. Can you guess what is that for? The guess have to pass by the "house" before meeting and bid farewell to the bride's parent. And of course a custom understood by all, we'll sort of have to give contribution to the host.   

See the smooth traffic over there. Put the "envelope", greet the host and lastly wish the king and the queen for the day.

Me and my mom in law in "angkut". kind of taxi van without door which we have to hold on to the seat for our dear life to keep us contained in the van. I think I can win Fear Factor now!

Angkut as the main transport for Tanjung Batu population.

We had to hire porter to help us with the baggage. From domestic jetty to international one which was about 800m.  Wonder how they got that kind of energy..

Well, that was an interesting and unforgettable experience for me. Seeing new places, new cultures, tasting different foods, meeting new people..hmm indeed travelling opens my eyes to many wonders of life. I wish I can travel more.  Amin..  

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Apam terbaekk!!

I never knew that apam can be so sedap, so soft and melt in my mouth. But this one has changed my perception towards apam. It's so soft yet so simple to make. All we need to have is mixer and steamer. And the ingredients are less than 5. start counting ok!

4 eggs
2 cups caster sugar  
3 cups flour
1/2 tbsp ovalette (am i spelling it right?)
1 cup F&N ice-cream soda

Just mix them all and whip to the max until the mixture turns white and fluffy. Then put it in paper cup about 1/3 and steam for 5 minutes. If you want to decorate a bit, you can separate about 1 cup and colour it with the colors of your choice and put a dot on top of the white mixture.

A point to remember: don't unscrew the F&N bottle for other than pouring it into the apam mix because you won't get the optimum result. See the photo above, it's actually not the perfect one and my mom said it was because the soda has lost some of its gas.

So, let's do this! I'm actually new to this and will post my own apam right after this. Stay tuned!

Friday, 13 January 2012

i want that karipap!

it's crazy how i felt about that karipap. i loved it at the first bite. and i want to eat the same karipap whenever i want it. so in order to get what i want, i must learn how to make a perfect karipap. guess from who i get it? yeah you're all right.... from my beloved mother! seems like my mum's karipap getting a 360* turn from the 1980s karipap that i brought to school discreetly for sale. you know how canteen makcik hated it when student bring food to sell at school. 

Now after more than 20 years, i decided to really learn how to make a perfect karipap, perfect dough, perfect fillings and perfect handmade karipap plait. so, i kidnap my mum for one night..and together we made this karipap...while chit chatting about almost everything that cross our mind from my siblings stories, my kids, also about mother's feeling towards her children which make us oblivious about time.  

(the above story was written about 1 month ago...apa la blogger ni kan..tak hapdet hapdet!)

the karipap dough, i'm still trying to make it perfect...but i like the filling which i think perfecto. My mom said the ingredient for the dough depends on the type or rather the brand of flour you use.  Different brand need different amount of water or marjerine. so i hope one day i can get the perfect one. Don't stop believing la la la la la.....