Saturday, 18 June 2011

Langkawi Travelog

Salam to all....

Our first day in Langkawi - we had a very adventurous and exciting (tiring and exhausting) day in Langkawi. I wanted to strictly follow the itinerary as prepared by me but "Kita hanya merancang, Allah yang menentukan".. First, we planned to take a dip at  Tanjung Rhu beach but the beach was quite unsafe and unpredictable. My mom said it looks like a wok. The current and wave could pull us further into the sea. Scary kan. So we agreed to just snap a few pictures as memento and my kids as usual played with the white sand and Eisya collected few seashells for her art project..

Then we proceed to the jetty nearby the beach for the mangrove tour. Basically it's a tour by boat through  the mangrove forest, bat cave, crocodile cave and eagle feeding. We finished it off by having our lunch at the Thai seafood floating restaurant. Marvelous food because the seafood are the freshest. Shamin get to see his favourite pet "Baby". A baby stingray which has no teeth and eats from his hand. Very interesting. Hmm I really love this island...

 This is bakau trees. If you look closely, you can see a beautiful snake resting on the branch.... The tour guide said that he can easily find the snake because it will rest at one place for about 1 week, shedding its skin. Ooo that's why laa...

Then we went to Beras Terbakar (coz the cable car plan scrapped again because our ticket that we bought earlier can only be used at 5pm - 7pm) I still like it coz I can go SHOPPING!!! After using up my energy to walk and bargain at the shops there, we went back to the cable car and oriental village for the ride. I had no idea that the queue would be I think 1km long (they managed to make it looks like just a few minutes waiting because the queue was like a perfect maze zigzagging its way to the cable car station).And until now I still do not understand why they allocate the time for Malaysian ride at 5-7pm. You can ride at anytime you want at RM30 but if you can wait until 5pm, you can get the ticket for just RM15. Please somebody give me the rationale in doing so... Anyway, we had fun jugalaa... could take some pictures up there..

I think it's the Mat Chinchang frog. I found it when I accompany my daughter "shishi" inside the toilet on top of the mountain. Katak gunung la ni...cantik kan?

Our last stop for the day was at Kuah. There's a night market in Kuah every saturday. But we decided to have dinner first. We stop at Noor Tomyam Seafood just beside the Kuah bridge opposite the Langkawi Baron Hotel. Why do you think I mention the name of the stall with its exact location? Is it a good or bad one? Let me tell you.. it is a very very BAD and put a shame to the bangsa Melayu.... The waiter proudly said that they are not in speaking term with the stall next to them. It came out because i wanted to order kerang rebus since it's written in big bold signboard in front of the stall that they are selling kerang rebus.  They did not have cockles tonight.So I decided to order from the stall next to them (no name stall). And sampai sudah no kerang rebus for me because I think they don't sell the food to the customer sitting at their "enemy" stall. Then to make my night worse, they wrongly calculated our bill by RM20. Hish! Spoil betullah...Hmm sampai bila la bangsa kita ni nak maju.... Hasad dengki tak habis2.... Ni dah marah la ni...

To cool my temperature down, I had a brief visit to the night market... Bought somtam... it's a Thai dish with the main ingredients are young and raw papaya, thinly shredded, gula nira paste, fish sauce, lime juice, crispy salted shrimp (udang geragau), bird chilli, garlic, roasted peanut and kangkung as ulam. I bought also the pulut durian... have not tasted it yet. I think, I'll do that in the morning... Now time to sleep and give my legs some rest for tomorrow's adventure....till then...bye..

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Healthy Breakfast Anyone?

Salam and happy new day to all my friends...

Have you all heard of a breakfast known as "Healthy Breakfast". I prepare it every morning for me and my husband before we go for work. I just popped in 1 green apple, 4 tbsp fresh plain yogurt, 200ml low fat milk or fresh milk, 2 scoop berry protein powder, 1/2 packet of low fat positrim drink mix, 2 tbsp fortified beverage lemon lime, a multivitamin and a few other vitamins into my blender and walla!. Super easy, delicious and nutritious. Ha! Ramadhan is approaching. This drink is perfect for sahur meal. Just take this and you'll be energetic throughout the fasting day. Happy trying!

Monday, 13 June 2011

I cooked Gulai Tempoyak Pucuk Ubi Racik when i was 12..

Salam to all readers... I start salivating when I mention this dish. Gulai Tempoyak Pucuk Ubi Racik.. my favourite forever and ever...though my other half won't even try it (even if i threaten to jump..hehe). I learned how to cook this special dish since i was 8 or 9 I think and I finally cooked it myself (because my mom was not at home...working) when I was 12 years old. And it turned out pretty well. We had it with hot rice and fried fresh water fish (ikan sungai which i don't know its real name which my father got it from fishing at the river just behind our house. But quite sadly, there are fewer fish in that river nowadays. Hmm.. environmental issue comes in... better discuss it in a different platform la kan... So to all of my brothers and sisters, I invite you to share your memorable and enjoyable cooking experience so that we can look at it with warm heart and feelings and we can exchange good recipes and useful tips to enhance our cooking skill and experience. Wassalam and Have a Good Day!
(The river looks like this..really)