Friday, 13 January 2012

i want that karipap!

it's crazy how i felt about that karipap. i loved it at the first bite. and i want to eat the same karipap whenever i want it. so in order to get what i want, i must learn how to make a perfect karipap. guess from who i get it? yeah you're all right.... from my beloved mother! seems like my mum's karipap getting a 360* turn from the 1980s karipap that i brought to school discreetly for sale. you know how canteen makcik hated it when student bring food to sell at school. 

Now after more than 20 years, i decided to really learn how to make a perfect karipap, perfect dough, perfect fillings and perfect handmade karipap plait. so, i kidnap my mum for one night..and together we made this karipap...while chit chatting about almost everything that cross our mind from my siblings stories, my kids, also about mother's feeling towards her children which make us oblivious about time.  

(the above story was written about 1 month ago...apa la blogger ni kan..tak hapdet hapdet!)

the karipap dough, i'm still trying to make it perfect...but i like the filling which i think perfecto. My mom said the ingredient for the dough depends on the type or rather the brand of flour you use.  Different brand need different amount of water or marjerine. so i hope one day i can get the perfect one. Don't stop believing la la la la la.....