Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Kitchen Aid for me..

Alhamdulillah... finally i got my dream stand mixer.. Now no excuse maa. every other weekend must at least produce 1 beautifully baked cake with perfect frosting or choc mousse or cupcake or so on and so forth..fuh what a plan! And for info, I bought it not because i want it but i NEED it ok.. when my old hand mixer started making funny noise then i knew that its time... yeayyy!!

This  is how it looks like but the colour a bit different. I'll take the real one when it comes out from the box ok..hehe..

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

How cooking can make you healthier...

I love reading "how-tos" because it gives me ideas and better knowledge of the subject that interest me... For example just now i read about "what makes a face beautiful"..No need to go further into that topic because you can read from yahoo webpage. Now back to the title of this post.. I find that cooking can make us healthier because before we cook, we have to think what dishes to cook for that day... is it balanced healthy and nutritious...if it is new recipes, then more thought put into it... So we exercise our brain everyday.. wow! Just remember that our brain cell or neurotransmitter will die everyday if it's dormant. Check if what we are doing are only routines.. Routines are automatic.. It does not utilize our neurotransmitter.. Don't let our brain die in vain.. Let's do some serious thinking ya!

Hah let's think what to cook for buka puasa today.. hmm.. tick tock tick tock.. gotcha! I'm thinking of my mom's special fried chicken... and prawn masak lomak and long beans... slurrppp.. nyaman tok (terfollow org sarawak pulak) hehe...and for dessert, i'll do kuih gulung inti kelapa durian (tiru my mom juga).. wallaweiii.... bernasnya idea ni.. smiling and felling proud with myself... :-))).. Now time to go home! Bye  bye..