Sunday, 4 November 2012

Newly spirited me!

I don't know when did i start engulfing myself with novels recently. i can't stop reading shopaholic series by sophie kinsella..i'm so addicted, despite being busy with my cases, designing and renovating my new house. not to mention my kids varicella plague or chicken pox for easy understanding. i can still find time to's embarrassing to admit that sometimes when nature calls, i bring the book inside the loo.

Shopaholic like me?

So far, i've read confessions of a shopaholic, shopaholic takes manhattan, shopaholic ties the knot, shopaholic & sister, shopaholic & baby, mini shopaholic. These are rebecca bloomwood (becky) series. Another one is Can you keep a secret with emma corrigan as heroine. I love love love these books. i like becky because she's such a  kindhearted, lively girl, a girl next door who like to shop and always fall into big mess mainly because she doesn't want to hurt her parent's feeling, her friend's or her husband's (Luke Brandon). I think readers feel so close to becky. she's so real with her daily issues like fashion, handbag, clothes, groceries, baby shopping so on and so forth. Huh! So lame huh!

Now, with newly resolved spirit, i feel that i need to do tilawatul Quran read the translation that i won't forget about the purpose of that i'll always be reminded that life isn't only about handbags, clothes, shoes and so on and so forth..(sounds like shopaholic coming back from shopaholic boot camp haha)


That was the last time i drafted something to share with u guys. And sadly the draft was left in my saved draft since april waited to be posted by me. And finally, today, on the eve of 4/11/2012, suddenly i remembered that i actually own a blog. I'm a blogger! Muhahahahaa....thanks to eisya who  showed me how she'd made some money making unique bracelets for sale together with her friends. They have their own blog! Buat duit lagi! Tak boleh jadi ni!

So, with a renewed spirit, i think you all will see a lot of me posting here. And for a start i'll make a list of topics to be posted in the near future:-
1. Proven pineapple upside down cake
2. My new home
3. Compilation of family photos
3. Arts with eisya
4. Gold time
5. So on and so forth....

Till then, Nighty nite! Muah

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