Wednesday, 9 November 2011

For Girls Only...wink wink


I've been very busy for the past 2 weeks. Busy planning and preparing for my 1st ever reunion with ex-LLB IIUM or girls' get together as my husband prefer to call it. Now after 2 days of resting, no cooking no baking, no blogging also, i'm now ready to indulge myself in this intoxicating hobby called baking hehe... today i plan to fulfill my daughter's classmate's dream of having my baked cheesecake by herself. no more mengicak from my daughter eisya which i think not sufficient for her. She's actually my 1st customer! hehe... Eisya as sales exec...hmm should I start my new profession? Don't think so... cook/bake and write suit me more.



After I came back from my reunion, my head keep provoking me to write about my memories back in college. Actually the idea of writing it came from marniza. I think her brain storage system is better than me.  Wiwi's also. I know this project won't be easy. Recalling those memories from my head requires a very long time. Part of the reason is that 99% of photos taken during that time have evaporated or vanished to thin air or water as flash flood swallow all my memories. Another reason is that I don't know where did I store all those stories from  1992 until 1998 inside my brain. Now is the time to collect all those memories from my close friends jeeja, wiwi, jas, marniza and others, so that i can compile it and write a journal or a story book. I thought of doing it Roald Dahl style. Short, sweet and simple. 

I've read this! Best!

As I wrote this, i realized that my draft has been here for more than a week..hee..what a lousy blogger la...Today is the 14th Zulhijjah...that's mean it's been 4 days since i got daging korban...For 4 days straight, I must come up with different beef recipes. For instance, the first day of aidiladha, I made beef steak jamie oliver style.I pan-seared the cuts and then put some butter for the extra umph... it was superb. I made 2 sirloin and 2 T-bone steak for dinner. the side dish was only boiled and seared potato with the steak juice. The korban beef taste like wagyu beef  . Serious. I think it's because the cow died in iman...Alhamdulillah...

So this is my steak! (with my thongs and my fingers..)

The second day, i made fettuccine with bolognese sauce.. this time i used boiled beef  and then minced it as opposed to the usual way of cooking bolognese sauce using raw minced meat. Then i add into the mixture of thin sliced button mushroom, canned whole tomato, chopped onion, garlic cooked in olive oil. Sprinkled with course black pepper, oregano and basil leaves and seasoned with salt and sugar. That's Nita's Kitchen's version. My kids loved it and that's all i cared about.

And on the third day, which is today, my daughter as always, asked for "Mak Andak Beef". The name's derived from the owner of the recipe. My husband's aunt of Kuala Selangor. A very simple yet delicious beef dish. Apart from salt and sugar, it has only 4 ingredients. Thin sliced beef, homemade cili boh, sweet kicap and blended rose onion. The method? Wait until I get the picture today.  I hope there still left for me when i come home today...because i have to fast for 8 hours for blood test this evening. Pleaseee....leave some for mommy..


  1. we really proud of you..... a++++ for the beef dishes

  2. Guess what! they finished the mak andak beef. the only thing left for me is the empty plate with finger mark on it..isk isk