Saturday, 17 September 2011

Aisyah's Birthday Cake

All of us are still in Raya mood. But on 16.9.2011 I made a red velvet cake for baby Aisyah's 1st birthday and also Pineapple Upside down cake... we call it "pesta kek" haha..

Tribute to Mak Teh... 

For Aisyah manja mama!!!

Superbaby! Actually the writer prefer not to be included in the pix..

4 layer tu..Fuhh!

Masterchef challenge nih..

This is my hideous looking pineapple cake but taste super marvelous you!

We had nasi dagang (my first try) that day which make my mom super duper kenyang and make her super active cleaning my kitchen..Thank you my supermak! muahhh...

And we also had a very entertaining evening with Wu Xia, our hero donnie yen a.k.a Ip Man.. superb.. Last but not least, I realize for a thousand time that the time spent with family makes us closer together..for better or for worse...

Fuhh! so serious la our ip man here.. and takeshi.. we know that you're chill everyone!!

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