Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Shopping Frenzy!!

Our second day in Langkawi was full of shopping activities. We started off with Dataran Lang where everybody was so eager to take some pictures with the biggest eagle in the world.. then to the Legend Park but before that tried roaming the jetty point shopping mall... bought some souvenirs at the shop called Naple. An interesting shop where you can find handmade crafts like handbags, jute shopping bag, musical instrument like gamelan, guitar, flute, small drum or rebana and lots of deco stuff... Eric Leong suka la ni... And guess what! I bought takraw ball for shamin and gamelan for eisya so that she can play and shauqi and tatila will dance to the music... Kuda Kepang dance suits the sound of the gamelan.

After that we proceed to Gamat Nusantara where all of us I think bought some gamat products as the tagline says (Gamat Nusantara..Jangan Pulang Tanpanya).You can test the boiling gamat oil. It was hot but it won't burn your skin (it's true). And I bought Bedak Sejuk just because i remembered how my late grandmother used to make her own bedak sejuk. Al-Fatihah to Uwan...

This is me with my third son shauqi...

After that we headed to Kuah for S.H.O.P.P.I.N.G!!! That's what Langkawi is all about right... So engrossed in this activity until nobody remembered to take pictures. Hmm I think that is a perfect reason or excuse to visit Langkawi again...So as usual, chocolate and chocolate and chocolate...we bought most of the chocolates from Haji Ismail Store (you can see Halal certificate for the chocolate sold in the shop). Hmmm what a satisfying indulgence... Ha! I found this poem about chocolate that makes my mouth water...It's called "Chocolate pleasure"




   I love the pleasure of chocolate
As it melts upon my tongue
It dribbles all through my mouth
And squishes around my gums

I close my eyes for a moment
As my senses are quite aware
Of the delicious wondrous flavor
Of chocolate lingering there

There are so many chocolate flavors
The dark and the medium too
White chocolate is truly scrumptious
Just perfect, my friend, for you

So whenever you need something sweet
You must try this simple treasure
Just pop a morsel into your mouth
And enjoy some chocolate pleasure! 

 Poem by Marlyn Lott

We  shopped for about 3 hours at Kuah and then continue to Idaman Suri for another round of shopping.... Felt like loosing my leg...Then we had western dinner at a small restaurant called AO Corner nearby Pantai Chenang area... Everybody was in high spirit, well I think because we all get the "S" vitamin lor... With that high spirit and full tummy, we surf the Pantai Chenang night market for night shopping session... I found one little spa which was still open at 11pm and ended up having a full body massage Malay style.... My body desperately need a good relaxing massage to ease the pain and soreness I felt after many kilometers of walking... from 1 shop to another...hehe..

The next day, believe it or not, everyone of us went for a final shopping at Kuah which is nearby our hotel... Ha! that was not the final one.... we stop at Beras Terbakar one more time before heading to airport. Kot la terlupa beli kain batik utk mak mentua ke.. :-). Then the last agenda was having lunch at Jom Ikan Bakar. Perghh thumbs up for the fresh squid, terubok and gerut2... plus the reasonable price...the only thing they need is fan...

There goes the shopping episode in Langkawi...It also reminds me of one article saying that nowadays Malaysians are spending their money after saving for so many years especially when the economy was down around 2008... True? Well I don't know...And with that I rest my case and my chocolate.. Wassalam...


  1. Mama ni letak gambar qi jer mana gambar kite -Eisya

    1. ok after this mama ltk gambar2 eisya pulak k