Thursday, 25 September 2014

Have you ever been to Batam, Indonesia?

Yes, my question to you. It all came from my mom in law's idea to just pick one place where we can visit relatives and do some shopping AND within a certain budget. So last January we flew to Batam in Kepulauan Riau. I know some of you might have some insight on Batam right. Well i can't stop you from thinking that way. Yes, Batam is famous among men who are looking for "entertainment". and the people of Batam also aware of that. But let me tell you this. That kind of business exists anywhere in the world right. Even in papua new guinea heeee. In fact i managed to interview one local lady. she said that the women involved in that industry came from other district or region. Batam folks wouldn't dare to do that for fear of condemnation from their family. Batam is indeed a small town. Here are few photos                                        

View from my hotel room. 

Our first MEAL! But it's not that cheap ok even after converted to RM.

Dinner Time!! Seafood time!

Dinner at relative's donning my new flower patched scarf. Glam gitew heee

Jus Alpukat yummm (Avocado smoothie). I love it love it love it. Please somebody give me the recipe. Tried make one before but end up in my sink. Yuck. 

Our Batam excursion started with Mini Indonesia. Miniature of houses from of all provinces in Indonesia. Jawa, Palembang, Minangkabau, Batak, Riau etc just like Mini Malaysia.

Feeling cute hehe

Mommy's boy <3

New bridge in quite a remote area. Connecting one island to another island. 

Shopping a bit. Not frenzy. Just few items like jubah, tudung and item u can't go without, Batam Layer cake which is actually so so. 

Ouchhh! Why so bulattt!! With MIL, AIL (Aunty in law?) and MIL neighbour cum distant relatives at the Jetty

So that's all about our trip to Batam. I know that it's not that colorful but seeing relatives, trying new delicacies and happy faces of my MIL and Cik Amah, Kak Yah and Abg Yahya were just enough  to make this trip a memorable one. Till then uols! 

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